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NOS NIB, Lightly used "OTHER STUFF" , Demo "OTHER STUFF"  from TradeShows, Customer Returns etc
(well used "OTHER STUFF" we keep for our own use) ;)

~no returns / products are sold as is~

Brand / Model OTHER STUFF ConditionQTY AvailableAsking PriceShip weight
CRKT Knife - Krein dogfish 2371NIB1$204 oz
CRKT Knife - Hole in One 5160NIB1$245 oz
CRKT TAO Tactical Pen - greenNIB1$608 oz
Lee Preciion 3 Die Reloadig set / 223 RemingtonNIB1$351.8 lbs
Solio Classic2 Battery Pack + Solar ChargerNIB1$1001 lbs
PowerFil Solar - Foldable solar charger (5watt)NIB1$70-133014 oz
Katadyn Plus - countertop add on kit for Katadyn CombiNIB1$60-6514 oz
Katadyn Combi Microfilter - Endurance Series NIB2$215.002.7 lbs
Titanium PowPower - 1 Hr Quick Batter ChargerNIB1$15.001 lbs
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